elektraAnother female creation from the Marvel universe brings us to the fashion of Elektra.  Elektra is a character well versed in the martial arts world and has a sexy wardrobe to match her dangerous lifestyle.  She is a trained assassin for hire and a bounty hunter with no mercy, the artists behind her design had to give her an outfit that screamed she was a woman, but also screamed she had no mercy.

The artists came up with varying designs for Elektra’s outfits including Grecian style draping that trailed into loose ribbons, corset and tight leather pants, hair bandanas, one piece, army-style jump suits, and a tight leather vest with a choker collar paired with tight leather pants.

Throughout all of the variations of clothing Elektra has worn throughout her own comic book series and throughout the Daredevil comic book series, one thing remains to hold true to Elektra’s ever-changing ensemble: red.


Elektra’s outfit nearly one hundred percent of the time contains a blood red costume design to show her assassin qualities. She is ruthless and well trained at her craft. The red of her outfit only shows her strength all the more.

From her comic book series, to her portrayal by Jennifer Garner in the Daredevil movie and the Elektra movie, Elektra’s costume design holds true to her thrust for blood nature. She is a strong woman who doesn’t hold back and her choice of dress in both the comics and the movies shows she does not hold anything back on the battlefield or in her wardrobe.

Her wardrobe invokes sex appeal and fear. One thing is for sure surrounding her sexy ensemble, if a bad guy sees a flash of blood red crimson out of the corner of his eyes, there is nowhere to run, but he should definitely try anyway.


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