Diversity of Purses

pursesBefore, purses were an accessory for storage that women used for their own convenience.  In the modern fashion market, purses have become more than a useful tool for women. Purses have become a fashion statement that creates a flattering image for a woman’s ensemble.

With the change in fashion, there has come a change in numbers as well.  Before, women used maybe one purse to store their essential items they would need on a shopping expenditure or to go on a trip. Now, purses can fill a woman’s closet with their degree of changes.

There are over the shoulder purses, backpack purses, saddlebag purses, handbags, and clutches, suitcase styled purses, purses for formal occasions, and so much more.

purses 1

Each category of purses has thousands of designs to choose from, with different textures and fabrics adorning the accessory structure.

Women absorb themselves in this culture that everything they possess should be fashionable or should match the standards of their lifestyle. Honestly, that’s how it should be. Like fashion, women also adapt with the times.

Yes, at one point in time, women carried purses and other handbags to carry personal items that would aid in their everyday journeys of shopping, taking care of the family, and running and endless amount of errands.

Just because the matriarch of the family has an extra nourishing quality does not mean that they shouldn’t get an element of luxury in their lives….so women adapted.

purse 2

Women felt they had to carry around these purses to lug around anything and everything they may or may not need.  That doesn’t mean they couldn’t do it in style.

So, the fashionable purses were born.  Women achieved a productive yet fashionable use for an essential item they needed.  Just because an item is useful and doesn’t have the most glamorous job, doesn’t mean it can’t be fashionable.

In today’s society, buy the handbags, the clutches, and the purses because if you are the one taking care of things and always the one that has to hold everyone’s items, then at least you can do it in style.


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