Five Fun Facts


For the last of the St. Patrick’s Day installments of this week’s fashion blog, we are going to end with five interesting facts surrounding the fashionable industry of St. Patrick’s Day.

shamrock 2

  • The fashionable shamrock splattered everywhere on St. Patrick’s Day represents the Holy Trinity in Catholicism of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
  • kermie
  • Besides being a symbol for Catholicism in Ireland, the color green was also chosen for St. Patrick’s Day to represent the coming of spring and because it is the color of the shamrock.
  • leprechaun
  • Leprechauns are not a traditional symbol of St. Patrick’s Day. This symbol was added to heighten the Irish décor surrounding St. Patrick’s Day. In fact, leprechauns are traditionally seen as mischievous little creatures, which go against the loving worship theme usually surrounding St. Patrick’s Day.
  • gold
  • The pots of gold are another staple added to the décor of St. Patrick’s Day. The pots of gold go along with the mean little leprechauns who value and hoard gold.
  • rainbow
  • The rainbows also go along with the leprechauns. In mythological folklore, the pots of gold are said to lie at the end of the rainbow where leprechauns can find the gold they so desire.
  • st.p

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