Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

Not everyone revels in the idea of celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. Some people do not want to conform to the social norms. Some individuals do not want to celebrate a holiday based upon a religion they do not worship. Some people do not want to be pestered by all of the holiday hype.

Even if someone doesn’t want to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and they don’t want to wear green, there is another color these individuals should avoid so that they do not unintentionally offend someone who does care about St. Patrick’s Day. This color is orange.


Green is the staple of St. Patrick’s Day representing Catholicism and the Gaelic people of Ireland. However, on the flag of Ireland, orange represents the color of Protestantism. Although there is a respect for both religions and validity to them both that spans not only Ireland, but all across the world, wearing orange on St. Patrick’s Day may seem like a passive aggressive attack against the Catholics celebrating a day honoring their patron saint of Ireland.

All in all, people can protest wearing green and celebrating St. Patrick’s Day all they want to, but they should still be respectful of those who do want to celebrate the holiday by not wearing orange.


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