Salon Saturday: The Long Hair Problem

Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted long hair.  I felt that having long luxurious hair was one of the perks to being a female.  Year after year, my mother would go against my wishes though and cut off my hair giving me these awful bobs or even a bowl cut because it was easier for her to deal with and I don’t blame her. Her mother only allowed her to have short hair, so its all she knew. However, that didn’t stop me from attaining one of my smaller dreams.

When I became old enough, I started growing out my hair. I grew out my straight bangs and everything. Now, I have no bangs and my hair rests comfortably down my back. Yet, I wish I could have a little more variety with my hair. I think my hair is pretty, but it lacks any style that can be seen in shorter haircuts like a pixie cut or some of the wavy bob looks.

So, I sought out to find a hair style that could work for me. One that could let me keep my length while still having a playful feel to the look.

However, I was severely disappointed in my limited choices. With long hair, there aren’t very many hair cuts you can use to style your hair. Although, with long hair, you can play with it more and create more looks with braids and other up-do’s, but sometimes, you want to match that picturesque quality without even trying. You want your hair to look nice styled down.

Total Beauty posted a page on their website,, dedicated to six long-haired looks that could work for a simple down-haired look. The list is limited, but they still try and provide looks to fit different personalities.

mid length

The first choice is mid-length hair. The mid-length is a cute look that falls just beyond the shoulders. I know hair salons count long hair as anything past the shoulders, but this look still may be a little too short to call long hair.

mid length with side bangs

The second choice is mid-length hair with side bangs. This takes the same look as above but layers in bangs so you have a more elegant flow to your hair instead of just a straight cut.

choppy layers

The third look is the longest of the choices which features choppy layers and straight across bangs. The hair style creates a box affect around the face and would look good on women who have very petite and long faces.

blended long bangs

The next long look shows blended long bangs where a woman could still have bangs without having to settle on the full straight across bangs covering the forehead. These bangs are a perfect medium between the straight bangs and the side bangs. They neither angle nor do they sit flat against the forehead.  The blended bangs are more of a choppy look that slowly eases into the rest of the length of hair.


The fifth style for long hair features the collar bone length. It is longer than a bob, but again, for me, it is a bit too short to be classified as one of the best long haircuts.

undercut layer

Lastly, the sixth haircut features undercut layers which is perfect for women who have thick long hair. However, if you have straight hair, this look probably isn’t for you because it is styled best when you have wavy hair to accent and highlight the layered look.

If you have trouble finding the right hair cut to fit your long hair, hopefully one of these styles will work great for you. You can visit the website listed in the article for more information and for more pictures on what the styles look like.


Freaky Friday: Comic Book Character

From DC Comics to Marvel, the superhero personas are reemerging and re-popularizing with the big budget, huge action films and television shows. Through these action packed bios into the life of a superhero, we also get a great fashion sense from all of the characters.

To highlight one of these superheroes, we will be looking at the evolution of one superhero in particular, depicting the fashion trend from the comic book start, to animated television, and to end with the live action debut on network television.

The superhero we are beginning with is not the most popular in that everyone knows his name, but he is also gaining popularity in the CW’s show Arrow.  In Arrow, the green arrow (spoiler alert) has gained a side-kick, Roy Harper, aka Speedy or Red Arrow.

Speedy first debuted in the comic books in 1941, sporting a look much different from what we see nowadays.


In the original comic books, Red Arrow’s ensemble appeared as a cross between the Flash’s costume outfit and something that Robin Hood might wear.  Most of his outfit is red and is only highlighted slightly with yellow for the boots, belt, gloves, hat, and bow and arrows. However, one would question with all the trouble they went to to name him Red Arrow, then shouldn’t his arrows have been red and not yellow?  Maybe a bit nit-picky, but definitely a fashion choice that renders mentioning.

Luckily, with the character of Roy Harper, the costume of the Red Arrow soon evolved in the comic books and further progressed when Speedy emerged on the television screen in animated shows like Teen Titans.


In the animated series’, Red Arrow kept most of his classic looks still wearing the iconic red jump suit accented with yellow accessories. However, the creators made slight changes making the character’s body look more realistic and adding the slight change of making Speedy’s mask black instead of red. With this twist in appearance, the costume goes from a total good guy appearance to one that is more dangerous, like a superhero’s life is depicted to be.

Finally, we come to the last look that has changed quite a bit to fit television purposes with Roy Harper’s very modern costume in Arrow.

speedy 1

In the television series, Red Arrow looks much different from the comic book debut. Speedy now appears as a darker version of the original Red Arrow.  With a suit that is more of a blood red than a fire engine red and a hood instead of a hat to make him look more like a punk kid than Robin Hood, the costume change was much needed and very well done.

The only critique on the much different outlook into Red Arrow’s fashion is the excessive laces adorning his superhero outfit.  Of course, the costume choice is forgiven since the lacing only reminds the audience that the once punk kid Roy can kind of be a bad-ass and had the outfit now to show it instead of just a wannabe-teen-hero hoodie.

Bravo to Red Arrow to evolving into modern times. It may have been a slow progression that transformed dramatically on the screen, but the change was still a good choice.

Throwback Thursday: The Birdcage


A woman finds the perfect wedding dress, the perfect shoes, the perfect jewelry….but the right head piece still baffles her. She isn’t the type of person to get all gussied up with an over the top bejeweled tiara.  Yet, she is not the traditional bride that goes with the simple veil.  She wants something. She doesn’t want to go with an average hair clip or a simple headband. She wants to stand out on her wedding day.

Well, this bride is in luck. One of the fashion statements from the 1920″s and 1930″s is making a resurgence in today’s wedding market. The fashion staple was an everyday kind of fashion accessory for women in the early twentieth century, which then morphed into that special headdress for a wedding in the 1940’s. Now, the birdcage has returned to the fashion industry. birdcage 3

More and more, brides are trading in those simple veils for a birdcage veil that was inspired by the early fashion of the birdcage-styled hat. There are even articles online teaching people how to make their own birdcage veil for a diy wedding:

Again, we are seeing another iconic trend from history making a comeback in the twenty-first century fashion network.

Sometimes, the birdcage can be seen as a simple bit of lace, or netting. Other times the birdcage can be adorned with flowers, beads, bows, and even feathers. Brides have even gone so far to create a little white top hat under the birdcage to make an even bigger fashion statement.

Although, the birdcage today is mostly seen in all white for wedding purposes, when the birdcage first became popularized, women could be seen wearing the birdcage in all kinds of colors to match their party outfits.

birdcage 2                       birdcage 1

However, the most iconic looks are seen in white for weddings and in black for funerals.


The birdcage can range from the lace covering a woman’s whole face to just creeping up to the edge of her hairline. Birdcages can range from being worn on the side of a woman’s head to covering the front of her face. The birdcage offers not only a variety of styles, but also a variety in the way they can be worn.


The birdcage is a tremendous fashion statement that has really contributed a lot to fashion. Although, it will be a 100-year-old look in the upcoming 20’s, it is still alive and well and still knowing how to make a woman feel beautiful, significant, and above average in looks.

birdcage 4

Health Tuesday: A New Way to Wash Your Hair

Standing in front of the mirror, first head on and then slowly turning from side to side looking at your hair cascading down your back. Your hair is long, very long. You are not quite Rapunzel, but you are no Snow White either. Your relatively straight hair wavers as it glosses over your shoulder blades and ends in the middle of your back.

You have always wanted long, healthy hair and you have the length, but the health may not exactly be there. Several people have commented on how beautiful your hair is, but you don’t feel it. You see the splitting of strands and the dead ends, and not to mention the frizz that is present all year round.

You have tried cheap shampoos and conditioners, expensive ones, ones that say they are designed to prevent breakage, and even ones the salon recommends. You try switching back and forth between the products, hoping the variety will help your hair, but nothing seems to work completely.

Maybe, what you are looking for is not in the shampoo aisle at all. Maybe what you need is in an entirely different section of the store. Maybe you need to try something revolutionary, something different.

According to the website, The Mind Awakened, a site devoted to bringing stories that makes people question little every day aspects of life, a new way to wash your hair to get great results is to wash it with apple cider vinegar.

The site states that apple cider vinegar will: remove dead skin cells, leave your hair “grease-free and shiny, neutralize pH level of your hair and scalp, remove dandruff, and relieve itchiness.”

This could be the solution to your hair problems. No longer will you have to buy specialized shampoo for dandruff or dry hair. No longer will you have to worry about using too much conditioner to smooth out your hair, making it greasy and uncomfortable.

Instead, you can take a more natural approach to treating your hair by mixing water and apple cider vinegar to rejuvenate your hair and make it envious to anyone who wishes they could have the healthy long hair that you possess.

If you would like to learn more on how you can create this new shampoo concoction, visit: for more information.

Media Monday: The Show that Started It All

Fashion is an outlet that is very dear and near to my heart, but it wasn’t always that way. When I was younger, I didn’t know what fashion was. My wardrobe looked more like a guys closet than a girls, which is fine, if you want to look like a guy. However, I had always yearned to be a girly girl but somehow got type-cast into being a tom-boy.  For a while, I continued on with my sad attempt of a wardrobe, until one of my favorite shows was created.

Although I am not one for reality television, there are a few series I can follow that show that hard work and talent really can pay off. The first show that intrigued my attention for fashion and really inspired me to learn about fashion was Project Runway.

Project Runway premiered in 2004 on Bravo network and moved to Lifetime in 2009. The show follows aspiring designers as they embark on nearly impossible challenges to complete extravagant fashion statements to be made ready for the runway in a very short amount of time. As each designers work comes down the runway on an aspiring fashion model, judges critique their work and decide who will remain in the competition to receive excellent prizes of materials, magazine shoots, and a lump sum of cash to really get their name out there as a professional star-studded designer.

The show displays validity of talent critiques with judges, Heidi Klum, the famous supermodel, Nina Garcia, a fashion journalist who rose to fashion acclaim as being Fashion Director of Elle and Marie Claire magazines, and Michael Kors, a famous New York fashion designer dedicated to women looking sporty and fabulous.

With such star acclaim and the talent of these budding artists, the show is a hit teaching viewers anything and everything you would need to know about fashion and the highs and lows of the fashion industry.

The show has had 13 seasons and has inspired spin-off shows such as the host, Tim Gunn, receiving his own fashion competition show, Under the Gun.

The fashions are awe inspiring and will leave viewers with a better taste of what fashion is and what fashion could be. If you are interested in learning more about fashion or if you just love fashion and need a fix, I would suggest beginning with this show and moving on to other fashion related shows.


Okay, so the last few days have been pretty hectic, so sorry for the lapse in articles/blog posts. Part of my problem is I have a new needy puppy who is currently content sitting in my lap.  Even though I haven’t had time to rush over to a computer and research a fashion or beauty topic, I have had time to think about where this blog is going.

I have just returned to the world of blog writing and for my start, it was best for me to just start writing again and get back into the flow of things. I think I have written some valid information that could be fairly useful to the right people.

Now that I am starting to get the hang of things again, I would like to introduce more structure to my posts.  I have already started to introduce a little structure into this blog with Throwback Thursdays, but I would like to continue with this trend so viewers know what to expect. Here is my new schedule:


Mondays I am deeming Media Mondays.On Media Mondays, I will look at popular fashions throughout the differing medias. This would include  online fashion trends, helpful videos, movie costume design fashion, and fashion trends in television shows.


Tuesdays will be dedicated to health. Part of beauty is being able to take care of yourself properly and to look out for yourself to ensure that your health shines through. My hopes are that Tuesdays will give an insight into the mixing of beauty and health.


The Hump Day of the week will be Whatever Wednesdays. Just like the title suggests, this will be my miscellaneous day to cover other important and relative things of fashion and beauty trends.


Thursdays will continue with the theme of Throwback Thursdays.


Fridays will look at anything freaky or odd for Freaky Friday.  I am still working out the kinks for this day but I think it can range from Halloween costumes, to the everyday fashion choices that may be a little off.


Saturdays will be dedicated to the salon looks. These will include tips on hair, make-up, nail polish, nail tools or make-up tools, or hair products. Pretty much anything you can think of that you could find in a salon store is up for grabs.


Sundays will now be deemed Celebrity Sundays. This one will be fun because it can be anything from highlighting a stars fashion choices to looking at overall fashion trends going through Hollywood, or looking at stars collectively on the red carpet.

Of course, times will come where I may change a day or skip a day if it is a slow week on one of the topics. I may switch a day permanently or just change it for that week. Unknown circumstances limit me from setting these days in stone, but I hope to follow this schedule pretty accurately so that everyone is on the same page.

Throwback Thursday: 1920’s


A staple of the 1920’s, or the Roaring Twenties, era is the flapper. A liberated woman shedding her stereotypical clothing and her domesticated attitude comes to life in the American 1920’s when she develops the fashion trend of the flapper.

Women shocked men by smoking, drinking, and trading in their long skirts to a dress short enough to leave little to the imagination.  This fashion icon has inspired many women and keeps popping up either in trends on the red carpet or fashion magazines, or whether it is at a costume party on Halloween night. The flapper look is not one to be forgotten.

The flapper outfit was not only a turning point in American history showing women’s disobedience to being the domesticated housewife, but it also displayed the beginning of fashion. Of course, women had fashion trends before, but all were dedicated to covering women while they worked or while they attended dinner parties with their husbands. In the 1920’s, everything changed.

Women no longer dressed to the standards of society. Instead, they broke out of their simple lifestyles and embraced a new image of self-expression. Women finally expressed themselves in a way that wasn’t predictable and safe. They used clothing, they used fashion for the first time to show what women could actually be.  That is fashion: self expression.

flapper girls     The flapper is a revolutionary style that means so much to the fashion industry.  It was the beginning of a new era for women. Instead of gradually working toward a new way of life, women embraced the full force of change drastically and immediately.

These flappers went all out from head to toe. According to Blue Velvet Vintage, a classic fashion wear site,,  the flapper went all out. Women would adorn themselves in long shift dresses with dropped waistlines with “elaborate beading or fringe” that were often sheer in color worn dramatically over a thin slip.  Sometimes, the dress took on cultural themes by adopting Egyptian and Asian styles, such as kimonos.

The accessories of a flapper were nearly endless, from their long beaded or pearl necklaces with a purse to match, to extravagant hair pins and feathered headbands, to curved high heels and a cloche hat.


The hair was nothing to look away from either. The classic flapper look was a bobbed hairdo that either lied perfectly straight or had finger waves. Long hair was still around, but women often tucked it back to give the appearance of a bob when needed.

wavy bob

The flapper’s make-up was simple yet dramatic.  With a dark smoky eye and a red lip to entice, women stood out like they never had in the past.

The Roaring Twenties were definitely a time to remember, but also a time for extraordinary fashion.