The Art of Face Painting

I love fashion and everything about it.  However, there is one aspect of fashion that I have always had trouble with: makeup.  I have always loved the look of makeup but never knew how to reproduce the looks.

Makeup is an essential part of a female’s overall make-up in today’s society.  More and more we are seeing new ways, new shades, and new products that will enhance our look in different ways.  However, with all these new tips and tricks, it is hard to keep straight what to do to your face and when to do it depending on what time of day it is.  So I found a great website with some wonderful tips on how to do certain looks with your makeup.

This website provides tips on the differences between eye liner usage, how much blush to use depending on what time of day it is outside, and what shades of makeup you should use given the time of day.  I think these tips are good and important so nobody has experiences like I have had when trying to apply makeup.

One time, when I was first learning how to use makeup, one of my friends decided it was time for me to learn a thing or two about makeup.  She showed me how to put on eye shadow and mascara and then asked me to replicate what she had shown me on her.  Long story short, when I was finished applying the makeup, my friend looked like she had a black eye.

However, I have gotten better with applying makeup and I want to share my progress with others.  I also want to help others so they can recreate the look they want without giving themselves or others fake black eyes.

For an overview, I have learned that when it is day time use more blush, but overall go light on the makeup.  You want a look that appears natural or in other words you want the makeup to enhance your inner-beauty.

However, at nighttime, you should definitely play it up and go darker with your makeup.  The results will speak for themselves.  You will look edgy and your eyes will stand out more from the contrasts of the white in your eye compared to the darkness surrounding the outside of your eyelid.

Although those are the basics of the article, you should definitely check out what the rest has to say.  There are some great tips available for people as clueless as me on the whole makeup situation.  Articles like these are what help me improve on my lack of skill when it comes to makeup.

The best tip I can give for not only applying makeup, but for life itself is don’t get overwhelmed.  Makeup can be tricky at times, but luckily for us, it wipes off pretty easily.  So just have fun and play around with it and you will be surprised at all you can come up with to reinvent your own look.


Nailed it!

As promised, I said this blog would include not only tips on fashion but tips on health that coincide with beauty.   I think I found something that is very interesting and very useful for people to live a healthy and fashionable lifestyle.

One of the aspects of the fashion world that is on the rise is your nails.  Creating beautiful pieces of art with your nails by using paints, glitters, stickers, and who knows what else is becoming more and more prevalent each and every day.

One of the things you may not have known is how important it is to keep healthy nails.  The Mayo Clinic actually provided an article on the dos and don’ts in nail care.  Some of what the article tackles is concerns that can actually be linked with your nails.  So it is very important to not only take care of your nails for beauty sake, but to also take care of them for your overall health and well-being.

The Mayo Clinic suggests taking care of your nails using tools that are designed to take care of your nails.  For example, instead of trying to rip off that hang nail, get nail clippers to do the job for you.

Nail care is not only for women, but for men as well.  Taking care of nails may seem like a feminine task, but men should regularly take the time to groom their nails as well to protect them against harmful contaminants like bacteria that can cause serious infections.

Here is the very helpful article that everyone should follow to keep your nails looking fashion-friendly and healthy all at the same time.

I usually don’t fret too much about my nails; in fact, my nails are pretty much a disaster area. However, after reading this article, I am definitely going to start taking much better care of my nails.  I never realized how important nail care was until I read this article. My nails may not be in the greatest shape now, but I am going to start being better about fixing my nails so I can keep my nails clean and healthy to prevent serious issues from occurring.

In fact, since I read this article, I have been looking into better ways of taking care of my brittle nails. I found another website that actually has helped educate me on my nails and how best to toughen them up.  Here is the website for everyone to see:

This website is really informative and now I know that I can take care of my nails with moisturizers and with nail thickeners so that my nails no longer look like the sharp edge of a saw.  Plus, this article informs readers on the overall makeup of your nails so you can see 1) why your nails are the way they are and 2) how you can best take care of your nails based on the information provided in the article.  Hopefully, with these great websites, your nails will improve like mine are starting to already.

With all the abuse our nails take from trying to open things and from daily wear-and-tear, our nails deserve a treat by being cared for in a proper manner.

Spring into Fashion

Spring is here.  As the nature of mother Earth starts bursting into bloom, so does a new fashion trend with the coming of this new and lively season.

As I mentioned previously in my post on scarves, pastels are the colors of the spring season.  An article in the Huffington post (a.k.a. Huffpost Style) explains that the pastel shades are the “it” color this year. \

The pastel colors that are splattered across the walls of babies’ rooms are now entering the fashion scene through clothing and other accessories.  As the article explains, pastels have entered into several fashion designers spring lines, which are only increasing the popularity of the trend that started picking up last year.

However, something this article didn’t mention was the trend that goes along with the pastel colors:  Lace.  Pastel colors are mixing with lace to create a new spring look that is both comfy and stylish for women.

The white lace that is notorious for being seen on wedding dresses and on the dollies on your grandmothers dining room table can now be mixed with pastels to create a new look for the spring season.  The mixture creates a softness that coincides with the soft feel that usually describes spring.  Many see lace as soft fabric and when you blend that with soft shades like pastels you are creating a look that will make you very fashionable this spring season.

Most of the lace outfits I have found are pretty comfy as well.  I like to look cute, but I also like to be comfortable and this is a look that helps me accomplish both needs.  I have a pastel-yellow-colored-dress that I absolutely love.  It is a great day dress to wear during the spring and summer. Plus, by just adding some jewelry and a sweater, I am ready for a formal affair.

Take my advice and pick up an outfit with the soft pastel colors and if you are really brave, pick out something with lace to really stand out.  It’s a great look that I love and hope others will as well.

How To Tie Your Whole Look Together

I love wearing scarves. Scarves are great accessories that are really in style this year.

Some personal tips about scarves that I have noticed include the difference in weather.  In the winter, heavy knit scarves are a great way to play up a plain long sleeved t-shirt or even a sweater.  Darker colors seem to be more popular in the winter as well.  You can’t go wrong with a deep red or even black during the cold months.  Sometimes, you need a dark color to warm you up.

For the spring, light cotton/silk blended fabrics provide a cool-breathing feel on warm days.  The most popular scarves are light, mostly pastel colors that are as light and airy as the soft spring breeze.

I have a couple different scarves that I love to wear in the springtime.  I use some to help my plain old t-shirts look more aesthetically appealing than they actually are in reality.  My scarves hide the imperfections of my comfy T’s and allow me to look cute with little effort on my part.

One of the best things about scarves is their versatility.  Scarves can be worn in so many different ways and with so many different pieces.  I found a great website that shows all kinds of different ways to tie fashion scarves. When you click on the kind of scarf knot you want to tie, the website provides a tutorial on how to accomplish the look you are attempting to recreate.

Scarves are a really great way to keep an updated look and to show a great range in your day to day wardrobe.  If you don’t have the money to buy all the new accessories, just buy a few scarves and style them differently with different pieces and you will never wear the same outfit twice.

There are all kinds of different ways to style your scarf, from a simple layered knot, to a way to turn your scarf into a halter top.   There is definitely a look for everyone.  Each look will provide you with a different outfit and a different way of expressing yourself.

My favorite look to do is a bow tie knot.  It is pretty simple to accomplish and it gives me this feminine look that appears to be high-fashion, but in retrospect, it only took me about five minutes to complete.

So, if you need an accessory to tie your whole look together, maybe look into adding a scarf or two.

Winter can still be Fashionable

Even though spring is upon us, there is one fashion topic that I feel is very important.  This fashion issue is being able to keep up appearances even in the freezing cold weather.  Since I have lived in Illinois nearly all my life, staying warm while still looking my best can be challenging, seeing as we can have winter temperatures for more than half the year sometimes.

I did find a website with some good tips on some basic things to keep in mind to stay warm and still be presentable.  I know wikihow may not seem like a very reliable source, but the information presented has valuable information that anyone can use to complete their winter look.

One of the areas presented in this website describes finding the right coat.  Like the article states, you want to find a coat that looks good on you and protects you from the elements.  I also believe that you should pick a coat that is comfy and one that makes you feel confident and still shows off your inner-beauty.  You want a coat that is warm, but also makes you look like a person and not a puffy-blob-like monster straight out of a Ghostbusters movie.

My coat has a little bit of puffier padding, but not enough where I am drowning in all the extra fabric.  It is a cute coat that still shows off my figure, keeps me warm, and allows me to move without difficulty.

Scarves are another fashion statement that serves a great purpose.  Scarves not only keep you warm, but they are a fashion trend that are really in right now.  You can tie scarves in so many different ways that you may never have the same outfit on twice.  Plus, one aspect that this article did not address is that knit scarves are great winter pieces that show you have fashion and gives your outfit a homey touch.

I have about three different knit scarves that I love to wear during the winter.  They keep me nice and warm and are a cute touch to my everyday wardrobe.

One last winter wear tip that I would like to address are leggings.  Leggings are perfect for keeping your legs warm when you are wearing a skirt or a dress, like the article says.  Also, leggings are accessories that add to your overall look.  Leggings can turn your plain day dress into a chic new look.  Plus, on extra cold days, you can wear leggings under your jeans or dress slacks to keep you nice and toasty throughout the entire day.

I don’t think I would have been able to survive this winter without my leggings.  I wore them under my jeans all the time and no one could tell the difference. Plus, when I had an event where I had to wear a dress, my leggings were a nice touch to help keep me warm and still let me look sophisticated.

This article has other great tips that you should definitely try to check-out.  With these tips, hopefully the war between your wardrobe and the winter weather is a thing of the past.


Hi readers! My name is Kathryn Menue and I am a first-time blogger.  I am a student at Northern Illinois University and in my free time I like to follow the ins and outs of fashion.  Fashion has always been a fascinating topic to me because fashion says so much about the world and about each and every one of us as individuals.

I feel that fashion, even if you are just wearing jeans and a t-shirt, says a lot about you.  Your look can help you accentuate your personality or even show how you are feeling on a certain day.  Fashion is also a mode of expression; it is a freeing experience that helps you express who you are as an individual and how you want others to see you on a day-to-day basis.

Some fashion tips can also come from health and beauty products that help our inner-beauty rise to the surface.

In my opinion, fashion ranges from the clothing you wear to the products you use to help maintain a healthy lifestyle.  In this blog, I not only want to make people aware of certain trends, but I also want to make people feel good about themselves through the fashion world.  I hope I find and share valuable information that is useful for all and that you will all appreciate and enjoy.